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Here at FR events we are continually evolving our products and services for our clients to ensure that we optimise their fundraising and truly deliver an exciting and unique silent auction experience for their guests.

Feedback is really important to us and provides a crucial benchmark from where we can continually strive to improve our offerings.

As technology continually evolves, so do our clients demands and  we have developed even more unique features in our electronic bidding system to maximise guest engagement with the silent auction and increase the awareness and fundraising of the client.

The unique PowerPledge function was developed to support the overall fundraising and main auction. It enables the audience to bid any amount towards a specific fundraising target within a given time frame. The silent auction is temporarily disabled in order to drive all focus to the fundraising for the pledge. It enables multiple bids and the technology collects all the data from the pledge bidders.   This innovation is so valuable for many clients as trying to do a pledge manually in a live auction situation involved briefing multiple staff and volunteers and completing lots of paperwork in a short space of time. This could create havoc, detracting from the fundraising, and some pledges could be missed. PowerPledge has removed all the chaos and our clients know that they wont miss any pledges, and the FR team will collect all the money in.  PowerPledge delivers an exhilarating and satisfying experience as the audience sees their contribution to the fundraising target.

Another unique and really useful function – Call Assist.

This was developed so that if any guests have questions about the silent auction items they can press this button and one of the FR team will go straight to their table to answer all queries.   This was extremely important to our clients as they wanted their guests to spend lots money, not missing any opportunities to raise funds,  but also to feel that they were being looked after and their questions were immediately answered.

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