Interactive Bidding

Our interactive bidding system offers the latest in innovative fundraising technology with a user-friendly interface.All tables are provided with the latest tablets for optimal guest interaction. The tablets can be customised to align with your brand or campaign, and be used to credit and promote any sponsors involved.

We include a fully comprehensive, easy to use guide and instruction page on each tablet, facilitating the registration and bidding to maximise your fundraising.

The tablets actively encourage guest participation during the evening’s fundraising activities in a fun and simple way, showcasing all the lots, bids and pledges. Our system is also unique as we have the option to offer multiple variants of an item or package within one auction lot description.

The unique ‘My Bids’ section allows you to keep track of your current bids, and will let you know if you have been outbid on an item, as your bids will go from green to red.

Our portable mobile server provides a secure closed network, ensuring reliability and a fast, continuous, uninterrupted bidding experience for your guests. A fully qualified software technician is also on hand throughout the evening.

The live leaderboard shows real time bids, and updates immediately with new bids. This can also be customised with your logo and colour scheme.

Rest assured, our professional team will be on hand to support guests, answer any questions, showcase items and ensure we exceed your fundraising expectations.

And it doesn’t stop there! Post event, we collect all payments securely, provide a post event analysis report and collate quality feedback from all your winning bidders.

‘Your professional fundraising partner in Silent and Live Auctions’

  1. Professional & dynamic FR fundraising team supporting your event
  2. Interactive and user friendly interface
  3. Ability to customise pages for clients and sponsors
  4. Step by step guide for easier registration and bidding
  5. Flexibility to include multiple options within individual auction lots
  6. Detailed information pages on all individual lots
  7. The ability to pledge directly to the charity showing information information on key campaigns / services.
  8. ‘My Bids’ page keeps track of all your current bids
  9. Quick bid option
  10. Portable mobile server to support the Electronic bidding system
  11. Leader board streamed live to tablet
  12. Top 10 highest bidder page, creating a competitive element for your guests
  13. Live leaderboard that can be customised with your brand
  14. Specialist technician on site throughout duration of event