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As the founder, and I believe, only female CEO of a professional fundraising company within the charity sector, I’m compelled to comment on the winds of change sweeping our industry, and how we need to embrace this wake-up-call to ensure we continue making our industry an incredibly worthwhile and positive one to work in.

The lurid headlines around the Presidents Club Dinner appalled everyone. Appalled – yes, Accepted- no. More importantly they deflected from the focus of the majority of the guests who generously gave to several deserving causes. It is their goodwill and philanthropy on which charities and good causes rely.

This portrayal of our industry does not represent the one I’ve worked in for over a decade. Having attended well over a thousand charity events, both as a guest and as the CEO of FR, let me say, unacceptable behaviour is not the norm and not what I am accustomed to.

And for us it doesn’t, and won’t. At FR we always provide the best and most professional staff in the industry before , during and after the event. We have always been aware of our responsibilities to our team and to our charity partners, and will continue to provide our expert service, helping you to raise funds and profile with confidence and integrity.

So please, let’s not lose sight of what makes the UK Charity industry amazing. I’m passionate about, championing the amazing and tireless work you all do. We need to carry on shining in the spotlight, moving forward and doing what we do – helping change lives for the better.

But we know our industry faces challenges, and a judgmental undercurrent. To ensure we all face into this together, we’ve made the conscious decision to add a formal Code of Conduct to all our contracts and communications. Conduct that we will continually be judged by, but also an ethos that we hope you will support throughout your organisation and at your events.

Only by acting proactively and responsibly will we ensure our industry continues to raise funds for incredibly deserving charities in an acceptable and positive environment.

I hope my thoughts and actions provoke assessment and re-evaluation, as well as confidence in the ability to run successful fundraising events with honour and integrity. We are an amazing industry, and one that right now is at the forefront of today’s moral issues. We all need to ensure that we’re aware and present to these positively changing times.


Yours sincerely

Jodie Bracken

Number one provider of silent auctions..

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The last quarter of the year is always our busiest from an event perspective and the FR teams across the globe have been putting in the extra effort as always delivering sometimes up to 6 events over a weekend.

Once again the passion and dedication from my FR team has shone through. So a big thank you to all the FR team for their hard work and commitment to each and every cause.

Continuous Improvement

At this time of year it always good to reflect on the past 12 months and to focus on our achievements as well as understand and learn from our experiences.

The FR team form an integral part of our innovation as they deliver the services at client events and often have great ideas and feedback from our clients on where and how we could maximize fundraising profits. This has become a fundamental part of FR culture and empowers the team to make positive change and continuously improve our business and service.

Our clients see us an extension of their events teams, with a unified vision of what they want to achieve and the fundraising goals they have, so continuous improvement is essential for their success too.

#interactivebid – mobile and online bidding has become a much bigger part of our product offering and the last 12 months has been spent further developing new ideas, developing the software and delivering interactive bid silent auctions for our clients in large scale environments.

Celebrating 10 years in Fundraising

Over 10 years ago, whilst working in luxury hospitality and sporting events, I had a vision to support disadvantaged people through the sale of auction items at these type of events. Hence, the idea for my company, FR Events, was born.  My vision for the company was to become the fundraising partner of charities worldwide and focus on delivering incredible auction services, with luxury experiences, unique memorabilia and exclusive artwork whilst supporting charities.

This year FR Events has celebrated 10 years in fundraising and I am so pleased to announce that to date we have raised almost £40 million for good causes worldwide.

I would like to thank all our staff, clients, bidders and suppliers.  We couldn’t be the number one provider of silent auctions without you.

Seasons Greeting to all and happy holidays

Thank You

Jodie Abrahams CEO



Charity is at the heart of everything we do – September web news

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Following the devastating news about the Grenfell Tower disaster, FR Events CEO Jodie Abrahams, and friends from the West London Hotel Association, decided to host a fundraiser in aid of the Grenfell Survivors.

FR Events sponsored and organised the event with the support of all their colleagues, galvanising their contacts to put together an event in a 4 week period #Londonunites was an amazing success and because the event was put on with zero cost (everything had been donated or sponsored) The evening alone raised over £100,000

Says Jodie “ The committee of people that pulled together were all deeply shocked to hear what had happened and wanted to do something to help the survivors devastated by the sudden loss of family, loved ones, friends, neighbours and their homes. A survivor from Grenfell told us his story, and we desperately felt the urge to help, knowing that there would be other people like us who would support too.”

A true philanthropist herself, Jodie founded FR Events, with the vision that her business would have impact and support charities all over the world. To date FR Events has managed to help raise over £38 million for great causes worldwide.

Fundraising runs through the very core of the business, and Jodie’s team share her vision to maximise funds for their clients as well as regularly raising funds for their chosen charities of the month.

We are sponsoring the Business Charity Awards

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We are delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring the Business Charity Awards this year on 25th May 2017. Working closely with Third Sector as part of their Fundraising Week we wanted to support all the fabulous work and recognise the outstanding contributions made by UK businesses who pride themselves on educating the wider business community about the best ways to support good causes. This forms a great link, as we are also celebrating our 10 years in fundraising this year, and as part of our celebrations we have asked our charity clients to tell us what we have helped them achieve over the years we have been supporting their fundraising. We were so touched and amazed by their responses that we wanted to share some of their messages.

“FR events support has helped Anthony Nolan give the chance of life to thousands of patients in need of a stem cell transplant” – Emma Payne

“FR Events has run silent and live auctions at a number of our events, including our annual, headline, fundraiser The Butterfly Ball. Since we started working with them they have helped us to fund 40, state-of-the-art, sit-to-stand, power wheelchairs for disabled children and young people across the UK.” – Trudi Beswick, Chief Executive, Caudwell Children

We are thrilled that our clients have joined together to help us convey our message and let everyone know the value we bring to their business and how we support them. Charity has always been at the very heart of all our work and we are so proud to work with many fabulous causes, helping them continually change the lives of people all over the world. We are very much looking forward to the Third Sector’s Business Charity Awards 2017 and showcasing the latest technology in electronic bidding for silent auctions #funbidtechnology

Celebrating 10 years in fundraising!

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£34 Million Raised!”

February 2017 marks the date that I set up FR events 10 years ago, and entered the world of fundraising. What a learning curve it has been and what an adventure, meeting new people and forging lifelong partnerships with clients and suppliers, bidders and colleagues.

I have always had a strong vision for my company, to be the very best at what we do. The number one provider of silent auction systems. I truly believe that FR events is unique in the market place in respect of our service and product offering. Our business has evolved through working with and listening to all our stakeholders, continually improving our business, getting a steer on where we want our business to develop and what it will look like in the future.

We have raised £34 million pounds for charitable organisations in the last 10 years. I am delighted, touched and inspired by the feedback I have received from my clients. It has been a rewarding journey knowing we have helped so many great causes.

The testimonials that we have received from all our clients consistently motivates my team to be the best and work more diligently to continue on this journey of success. I would like to thank each and every client, bidder and supplier and all my colleagues that have helped us to form FR events, we look forward to working with you all over the next 10 years.

Finally, a very big thank you for your ongoing support.

Jodie Abrahams


Making it Fun!

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Here at FR events we are continually evolving our products and services for our clients to ensure that we optimise their fundraising and truly deliver an exciting and unique silent auction experience for their guests.

Feedback is really important to us and provides a crucial benchmark from where we can continually strive to improve our offerings.

As technology continually evolves, so do our clients demands and  we have developed even more unique features in our electronic bidding system to maximise guest engagement with the silent auction and increase the awareness and fundraising of the client.

The unique PowerPledge function was developed to support the overall fundraising and main auction. It enables the audience to bid any amount towards a specific fundraising target within a given time frame. The silent auction is temporarily disabled in order to drive all focus to the fundraising for the pledge. It enables multiple bids and the technology collects all the data from the pledge bidders.   This innovation is so valuable for many clients as trying to do a pledge manually in a live auction situation involved briefing multiple staff and volunteers and completing lots of paperwork in a short space of time. This could create havoc, detracting from the fundraising, and some pledges could be missed. PowerPledge has removed all the chaos and our clients know that they wont miss any pledges, and the FR team will collect all the money in.  PowerPledge delivers an exhilarating and satisfying experience as the audience sees their contribution to the fundraising target.

Another unique and really useful function – Call Assist.

This was developed so that if any guests have questions about the silent auction items they can press this button and one of the FR team will go straight to their table to answer all queries.   This was extremely important to our clients as they wanted their guests to spend lots money, not missing any opportunities to raise funds,  but also to feel that they were being looked after and their questions were immediately answered.

Technology Guide

The Great FR Bake Off.

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Autumn is officially upon us, but with September also comes Childhood Cancer Awareness Month; and in true FR spirit it seemed only appropriate to choose a children’s cancer charity as our charity of the month and do some ‘fun’ raising ourselves…

After last month’s skydive, we thought we deserved a little treat and what better treat than a slice (or two) of cake?! Especially when it’s all in aid of this month’s charity CLIC Sargent chosen by our Design & IT Manager, Nick Brookner.

‘Over the years, I’ve known and lost family and friends to cancer, and to find a charity that helps with all aspects of this horrible disease is extremely special’. CLIC Sargent offers cancer support for children, young people and their families; be it emotional, practical or financial support, CLIC Sargent will be there to help.

So, as an office we were inspired by not only CLIC Sargent’s amazing mission, but also the start of the Great British Bake Off (which ties in nicely with that little treat we mentioned earlier)! So this month, FR Events have decided to have a bake off of our own with all the funds raised going to CLIC Sargent. Each team member has been tasked with creating a masterpiece, with the rest of the team scoring them out of 5 in the following categories: originality, presentation, and most importantly, success of the bake! The total score equates how much is donated to CLIC Sargent . We’re nearly half way through September and already 3 cakes down, with some great contenders and with 3 weeks’ worth of cake left, who knows who The Great FR Bake Off champion will be!

Be inspired by the #powerofcake this month and do some baking inspired fundraising of your own!

The Golden Glow of Rio 2016.

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In the wake of the closing ceremony of the 2016 Olympics in Rio, we have all been left with a warm ‘golden’ glow following team GB’s huge success. Having been inspired by our medal-winning athletes, some are dusting off old hockey sticks while others are investing in new trainers to get involved and get active.

And it seems that this drive has been felt throughout society, especially in the charity sector, which has seen a rise in funding for amateur sports charities, and an increase in the number of large sports charities across England and Wales following London 2012.

Charities such as the Lord’s Taverners, the Professional Cricketers’ Association and Wooden Spoon support communities in a huge variety of ways, supporting tomorrow’s sporting superstars, creating accessible sport and breaking down barriers to positively transform lives.

The sporting legacy left behind by London 2012 has seen genuine and tangible developments in amateur sports charities, and can only continue to grow following another exceptional performance by team GB. With attention turning back to the UK as athletes start to make their triumphant journey home, the emphasis for the next four years needs to stay focused on smaller, community based charities to continue to inspire the nation from the ground up.

Facing our Fears for Caudwell Children.

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Caudwell Children is a charity close to FR’s heart, not just because it changes thousands of disabled children’s’ lives for the better every year, but because its indefatigable team work to consistently go above and beyond for children and families affected by some of the toughest conditions.

Having worked closely with Caudwell over the past few years, we have come to understand and truly appreciate what makes them different, and just how broad their reach and impact is within the many communities they support.

It is definitely inspiring, and drove our CEO Jodie Abrahams to lead the team in a momentous challenge, convincing us to jump out of a plane(!) to raise much needed funds to do our bit to ensure Caudwell can continue with its vital work.

The team collectively raised over £2,500, which in turn will be converted into positive and practical life changing equipment, treatment, therapies and support services for disabled children and their families across the UK.

It was a huge challenge for the team, overcoming both fears of flying and heights, but drawing on our unwavering team spirit and the many inspirational stories from Caudwell, we achieved something most of us thought we never would!

The Value of Longstanding Partnerships.

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It is widely acknowledged that longstanding relationships and partnerships within business are essential for stability and growth. The trust generated from working together for many years cannot be immediately replicated in new business alliances, and so it is important to work hard to cultivate good faith and understanding between your key connections.

One such example for FR is our relationship with Goodman Jones, our fantastically supportive and amenable accountants. Having worked together for many years, we have a good understanding of the core values that drive their business, which are in line with our own. With their continued support, we have been able to confidently grow and develop step-by-step. We were proud to be promoted by them in their quarterly summer journal as part of their client focus.

A genuine example of the value of longstanding partnerships.

Goodman Jones’ Client Focus: The Innovation and Global Expansion behind FR Events’ Success.