We are the fundraising partner of choice for over 500 charities worldwide, specialising in silent and live auctions. FR Events Group was established in London and has been a market leader since 2007, currently operating throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe and Asia.

Fundraising with real results, for real people and real causes

Our expert fundraisers work closely with organisations to meet their requirements and to maximise charity profit using various auction methods. Whether the preferred method be Sealed bid or electronic iPad bidding we deliver the exact requirements of our clients to achieve their goals. We are continually evolving and developing new fundraising ideas for our clients. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, professionalism and service pre and post event. We are dedicated to raising essential funds for our clients, whether charities, event companies, corporates or philanthropists. To date we have raised over £50million for great causes worldwide.

Sealed bidding

  • Your dedicated account manager will meet with you to discuss the specifics of your event and your fundraising target.
  • A silent auction list of items is created and tailor-made to your specifications.
  • With the items approved by you, we create and print high quality auction forms for your event. You can design your own front cover which will feature a charity advert or message at the front of the form to promote your cause.
  • We can produce a PowerPoint presentation of the auction items if screens are available at the event.
  • We can also help you organise the running order for your event, and we will also suggest potential MC’s and Auctioneers.
The Event
  • Before guests arrive your account manager and experienced team of fundraisers will set up the auction items in a unique display.
  • As guests arrive our dynamic and charming team greet and inform them about the silent auction and how to bid.
  • Your account manager will work closely with the MC to promote and clearly explain how the auction works, so that all guests are clear on the process.
  • We unobtrusively present the items to the guests throughout the event, so they can take a closer look and we can answer any questions. This really encourages bidding.
  • All bids over the reserve generate funds for the charity.
  • Once the auction is closed, we will collate the bids, establish and inform the winners, collect payment and have their item ready for them to take home.
  • When the event has finished, your account manager will inform you of the approximate total raised for the charity.
  • After the event, we will provide a breakdown of all monies raised within two business days, which will include the bidders’ contact details should you feel the need to contact them directly.
  • We aim to deliver all outstanding items to your guests within approx 15 working days.
  • Our accounts team chase payment on your behalf from the bidders who did not wish to pay on the night.
  • We will then email vouchers for all experiences direct to the winning bidders.
  • We offer post-event customer care to guests as required.

Interactive Bidding

Our electronic bidding system offers the latest in innovative fundraising technology with an interactive and user-friendly interface.All tables are provided with the latest tablets for optimal guest interaction. The tablets can be customised to align with your brand or campaign, and be used to credit and promote any sponsors involved. We include a fully comprehensive, easy to use guide and instruction page on each tablet, facilitating the registration and bidding to maximise your fundraising.

The tablets actively encourage guest participation during the evening’s fundraising activities in a fun and simple way, showcasing all the lots, bids and pledges. Our system is also unique as we have the option to offer multiple variants of an item or package within one auction lot description.

  1. Professional & dynamic FR fundraising team supporting your event
  2. Interactive and user friendly interface
  3. Ability to customise pages for clients and sponsors
  4. Step by step guide for easier registration and bidding
  5. Flexibility to include multiple options within individual auction lots
  6. Detailed information pages on all individual lots
  7. The ability to pledge directly to the charity showing information information on key campaigns / services.
  8. ‘My Bids’ page keeps track of all your current bids
  9. Quick bid option
  10. Portable mobile server to support the Electronic bidding system
  11. Leader board streamed live to tablet
  12. Top 10 highest bidder page, creating a competitive element for your guests
  13. Live leaderboard that can be customised with your brand
  14. Specialist technician on site throughout duration of event

EXPERIENCED fundraisers

FR Eventsprovide a fantastic and professional team of silent auction experts, each of whom play a crucial part in encouraging guests and maximising all fundraising. Our team is energetic, professional, creative and passionate. When you let us oversee your fundraising you are in good hands.

CEO Jodie Bracken has used her experience in this industry to develop a unique and innovative brand. She has created a team capable of collaborating with all types of organisations. An unobtrusive and professional manner has set the team apart and promoted the FR vision to a wide and varied audience.

FR Events have an innovative and versatile team of experienced and professional fundraisers. Our team tailor their approach to work with both organisers and guests, to maximise the fundraising potential at any charity event.

  • Jodie Bracken
    “We are passionate about raising monies for charities; it is at the core of our company. We have a proactive and versatile team. With care, professionalism and attention to detail, we ensure that we not only maximise charity profit and minimise stress, but broaden your guests understanding of fundraising!”
  • Lauren Bloom
    Global Operations Director
  • Farid Ahmed
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Natalia Scott
    Global Sales Director
AUCTION method

Silent Auction:

We put together a bespoke brochure that includes all auction items of your choice with a detailed description and montage of photos. You will sign off the brochure before it goes to print. Guests simply bid on the forms, eliminating the trouble of having to leave their tables. They are able to bid on one or more items, simply writing a bid of the maximum value they are willing to pay for each item. Encouraging guests to make a higher bid ensures the greatest value is bid on each item and guarantees more money is raised for the charity. Our professional event staff walk around the tables collecting all forms from bidders and input them into our system which determines the winners. Finally, payments are processed directly at the winner’s table.

FR events ensure that your charity gets the maximum benefit for the minimum effort.

Live Auction:

Our live auction service is second to none thanks to our superb auctioneers who keep the energy in the room buzzing all night! This is a traditional auction format with an auctioneer encouraging bidders to compete against each other to bump up the price in increments. Live auctions can be a great way to raise even more money for your charity.


The value of an experienced and passionate auctioneer cannot be underestimated. Choosing the right auctioneer is key to your events success and we would be happy to make recommendations. During our years of experience a select few have stood out from the pack, notable for their wit, charisma and determination to ignite the room for the good of the cause. If you will be supplying your own MC or auctioneer your account manager will ensure that they are fully briefed on our procedures. Here is our selection of tried and trusted speakers and auctioneers who we recommend and can appoint for your event.

Former England Olympic Hockey Player and Legendary Funny Man.

BBC Rugby Correspondent and ‘Voice of Rugby’.

Former British Number 1 Tennis Player, BBC Tennis Commentator and Radio Presenter.

Fantastic Comedian and Auctioneer.

English Radio and BBC Television Broadcaster.

BBC Rugby and Tennis Broadcaster.

Meet our Event Team!

Our experienced Events Team promote the auction and increase fundraising at your charity event. From presenting items, to interacting and encouraging your guests, to collecting bids and payment; our team will take care of everything!

Code of Conduct


  • We will ensure our colleagues/associates are dressed in appropriate attire. We do not and will not allow them to be demeaned.
  • We do not ask our colleagues/associates to do things that would degrade or sexualise them.
  • We will act proactively and responsibly to raise inappropriate behaviour by clients attending events.
  • We expect our colleagues/associates both male and female to conduct themselves in a professional manner, ensuring they do not behave inappropriately or use language that is distasteful or construed as sexual in content.
  • We expect our colleagues/associates both male and female to conduct themselves in a professional manner, ensuring they do not behave inappropriately or use language that is distasteful or construed as sexual in content.
  • We are an equal opportunities company. This means that all job applicants and employees will receive equal treatment regardless of race, sex, marital or civil partnership status, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins. 

The most direct yet effective way of fundraising is pledging. FR can include and design a pledge page for you. This would be on the back page of the silent auction brochure. We collect payment on the night and follow up on remaining pledges after the event. It is our pleasure to perform this completely free service for the charity.

Electronic Bidding:
Electronic pledging and bidding encourages more interaction and competition which creates more excitement for you and your guests. We provide tablets for each table which allow guests to register, pledge, view the vast range of auction lots and bid at their own convenience. Winning transactions will be processed by our events team at your table at the end of the auction.

The main menu page has 6 tabs along the top and item categories. You can access a list of ‘All Lots’, ‘Lots without Bids’, ‘Lots under £1,000’ and ‘Lots over £1,000’.

There is a simple scroll option available for the different ‘lot lists’. This shows the lot number, title of the lot, whether it’s had a bid and either the bidder’s name or anonymous if you choose (you decide on anonymity on sign-in)

Individual lots will give you bright, high-quality images, an in-depth description of the item, the current bid and the option to place a bid.

There are two ways to make a bid. The first is a manual bid where you can type in any amount over £25. The second is a quick bid option. Press an increment (decided by you on an individual basis before the event) and it will automatically be added to the current bid.

You will have a constantly scrolling/updating leaderboard and whenever a ‘New Bid’ or ‘New Pledge’ is made, you will see it flash up bright and bold on the big screen!
Event Management:

UNIQUE items & BESPOKE experiences

Not only can you choose from our wide range of bespoke experiences and unique items, we can source items specifically for your event. We also welcome and encourage donated items from your supporters and sponsors.

CORPORATE hospitality

OUR clients

We work with charities, chambers, organizations, corporates and any individuals who want to raise funds for a charitable cause.



Our London office is situated in Highgate and is easily accessible by Public transport. If you are arriving by car please note that our office is located in a non-congestion charge zone.

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Our Hong Kong office is located on Hennessy Road in Wanchai.
It is easily accessible by public transportation and by car.

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